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Harper's Bazaar Art features Painting Pakistani artist Soraya Sikander's 'Thunder'

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Harper's Bazaar Art features Soraya Sikander Art.

Article: 6 UAE-Based Artists On How They're Encouraging Sustainability Within Their Art

Alliance Française Dubai has invited Anna Seaman to curate a group exhibition at La Galerie as part of its Together&Now Festival

Having derived its name from the late poet William Wordsworth's 'The World Is Too Much With Us', Alliance Francaise Dubai is set to host an insightful exhibition at La Galerie which will feature works by six UAE-based artists, inspired by protecting the ecosystem.

The artists, by exhibiting their works, hope to encourage immediate action on issues such as climate change, plastic pollution and endangered species.

“If the past 12 months has taught us anything, it is that nature is ultimately more powerful than any man-made force," says curator Anna Seaman. "The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to slow down and reconsider our habits. I chose the title of this Wordsworth sonnet for this exhibition because its powerful and heartfelt words are still so poignant."

On view will be works by artists such as Soraya Sikander, who is keen on raising awareness on issues such as deforestation, climate change and sea temperature changes


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