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GQ Features Soraya Sikander Art

GQ The World is Too Much With Us - Art Exhibition

William Wordsworth inspired art exhibition presents a diverse message of sustainability

Alliance Française Dubai has invited visual arts to curate a collective art exhibition The World is Too Much with Us, which will run from February 22 to March 7, at La Galerie, as part of Together&Now Festival and is aimed at raising awareness and supporting eco-citizenship and ecological transition. The exhibition’s name comes from William Wordsworth’s poem, which was originally published in 1807 at the start of the Industrial Revolution. The poem expressed the author’s shock and sadness at how the natural world was being forgotten and ignored by the emerging capitalist and consumerist existence that was just emerging. With Wordsworth’s poem still relevant today, as the artists in this exhibition speak out for the natural world. Focusing on issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, endangered species and the role of activists, the artworks present a diverse message of sustainability.

Soraya Sikander “Through her abstract style, Soraya is interested in highlighting multiple issues such as deforestation, climate change and sea temperature changes. The pieces are landscapes but without distinct shape or form, mimicking the melting away of the world as we know it.” The World is Too Much with Us runs from February 22 to March 7 at La Galerie, Alliance Française Dubai, Oud Metha. Entry is free.

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