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Gulf Today: Art & Culture, Soraya Sikander

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Soraya Sikander’s art: Kaleidoscope of diversity, gateway to new worlds

Muhammad Yusuf, Features Writer

Soraya Sikander is a critically acclaimed, award-winning contemporary South Asian artist known for her landscapes and organic forms. Born to an Indian father and Pakistani mother, she is well-travelled – the diversity is reflected in her art. Her paintings depict the landscapes of countries she has visited and of her hometowns, Lahore and Karachi. Working in oil and acrylics on canvas, Sikander is renowned for inventing her pioneering “Calligraphy Landscapes”.

Calligraphy landscape combines elements of Islamic calligraphy, particularly the letter ‘Alif’ to create slim, silhouette trees, akin to mangroves, set against the dramatic, tonal backdrop of Pakistani landscapes. The paintings reference actual locations, describing the idea of being at a place - as seen through the mind’s eye.

She trained in fine arts through the London Atelier of Representational Arts, and University College London’s Slade summer school. So far, she has held over twenty four international group and solo exhibitions at galleries and museums worldwide and her paintings have featured in international auctions, including Bonhams. She is also a TEDx art speaker.


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