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'Shuiyucun' special event Beijing International Art Biennale

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Painting the Shuiyucun countryside as part of a special event organised by the committee of Beijing International Art Biennale

I was invited to China to exhibit my art at the prestigious Beijing Biennale. During my stay, I had the privilege to visit Shuiyucun, outside of Beijing. Here, I witnessed nature in all her glory. Pristine water, lakes, waterlilies, sunlight gleaming on soft water ripples, tall majestic trees, mountains & villages. The beauty, serenity, magnificence of the natural world inspired me to paint a new series.

At Shuiyucun, I drew a number of drawings in inks, charcoals & pastels. I spent all day sketching tirelessly, absorbing & interpreting my surroundings.

After I returned, the impact of my visit to Shuiyucun inspired me to paint a new series about the ‘Chinese countryside’ with paintings of nature, trees, sun shining through the trees, the sky, trees shedding their leaves in autumn.

I painted vigorously, looking at reference sketches I made of the Shuiyucun, and produced new paintings inspired by my visit to the countryside.


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