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About Soraya Sikander

Soraya Sikander is one of today’s leading contemporary South Asian artists known for her landscapes and organic forms. The artist has been ranked as one of Pakistan’s best known painters making it big internationally, listed as ‘Artist to watch’. Soraya works in oil and acrylics on canvas and is internationally renowned for inventing her pioneering Calligraphy Landscapes. Recognition for her work has come through critical acclaim and nonstop sold-out exhibitions. She is also a TEDx art speaker. Soraya Sikander trained in fine arts through the London Atelier of Representational Arts, and UCL Slade summer intensive.
Her art has been reviewed by: China News, HELLO! Magazine, OK!, The National, Khaleej Times, Gulf News, The Gulf Today, Dahabiya, Al Bilad, Jaffat El Aqlam, Artlyst, etc. Soraya Sikander has held over twenty international group and solo exhibitions at premier galleries and museums worldwide including: Beijing Biennale 2019, Beijing Biennale 2017 (National Art Museum of China), Galerie Patries Van Dorst (Netherlands), Etihad Modern (Abu Dhabi), National Museum of Bangladesh (Dhaka museum), La Galleria Pall Mall, Royal Opera Arcade (London), Unicorn Gallery (Karachi, Lahore), Alhamra Art Gallery (Lahore), Sharjah Heritage Museum, The National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) RAK Fine Art Fair, Lahore Biennale and more.

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Soraya Sikander Receives Prestigious Art Award

Art News: SORAYA SIKANDER is awarded the prestigious 'High Achiever' Award: Artist Soraya Sikander receives Higher Achiever Status & Award for her contributions to arts.

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Painting outdoors in the lap of nature by the sea or in a garden was an integral aspect of Dubai based Pakistani artist Soraya Sikander’s art routine. But the pandemic forced her to change that — months of being indoors in 2020, led her to rewire her painting process, which eventually resulted in her creating a new series exploring frescoes, inherent to techniques prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. Inspired by Mughal murals, Pahari paintings and Islamic architecture across Punjab and Sindh in Pakistan, Soraya etched motifs and patterns on handmade paper, resembling frescoes from these regions.


Wow Rak

Soraya Sikander: Hidden Gem of Ras Al Khaimah

Soraya Sikander, who was born in Karachi and moved to the UAE, has always been immersed in art. She believes that her work strongly associates Ras Al Khaimah as beautiful landscapes and seascapes of this city continue to inspire her. Since 2011, when Soraya first visited Ras Al Khaimah, she was stunned by the visual imageries of mountains, sand, mangroves, beaches etc. According to her Ras Al Khaimah has been rewarding to her career since she exhibited in Ras Al Khaimah art festival for the first time.


The Friday Times

'Pioneer of Style'

"Besides the huge event in Beijing, amongst her many group and solo shows, her works have been displayed in the Netherlands, UK, Dubai, Bangladesh and Karachi, Pakistan. And everywhere one reads that she is “one of today’s leading contemporary South Asian painters.” Recognition for her work has come through critical acclaim and through extraordinary popularity with the international public, making her one of today’s most sought-after artists." - Art critic, Noor Jehan Mecklai



PALETTE, 'Between Sight and Memory'

"Sikander is quickly becoming one of South Asia’s leading artists, mostly known for her pioneering works in the form of calligraphic landscapes. Her landscapes and nature studies go deeper than appearances, creating impressions of reality while discussing her personal views on life as well as socio-political issues plaguing our world today. Her ability to redefine landscape painting and, in a way, revive it in the modern context is what has caught the imagination of the international art community." - Art critic, Nimra Khan


Professor Gerda Roper

'In, At and Around'

"When one looks at Soraya Sikander’s work, one feels that might be experiencing the secrets of the cosmos. Soraya’s mixed media work has an elegant sense of rhythm and pattern reminiscent of Persian and Indian miniatures, these offer us the opportunity to pleasure in the harmonies of the visual." - Professor Gerda Roper, Dean School of Arts and Media, University of Teesside.



BREAKING DAWN 36 x 48 oil on canvas (201
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